Valley engineering camp for girls only

By: Hatzel Vela
CHANDLER, AZ – An ASU professor is hoping to convince 60 pre-teen girls engineering is the way to go.

Engineering Professor Dr. Tirupalavanam Ganesh said it doesn’t make sense that women make up half of the population, but only 18-percent of engineering undergraduates are women.

Ganesh started a new program, which will follow the Kyrene School District girls through high school. He wants to study how the program will change their perception of engineering.

The program started Monday with a weeklong list of activities he hopes will help the group realize the importance engineering plays in society.

Women should not just be consumers of technology, but they themselves should be helping shape technology, Ganesh said.
“One of the things that students don’t realize early on is that engineering is actually about helping society,” he said.

The program, partly funded by the Engineering Information Foundation and the National Science Foundation, took 130 applications and then selected 60 students from elementary schools across the Kyrene School District.

“Our goal is to be able to show how we can sustain interest for young female students in the science, mathematics, technology and engineering fields,” Ganesh said.

Source: ABC15

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