The Salt River Project Powering our Future: Renewable Energy Summer Internship provides learners with the opportunities to interact with scientists and engineers who work at Salt River Project. Students engage with forms of renewable energy and the differences between passive and active energy technologies.

During the first summer internship, learners engage with hands-on explorations about natural resources, energy conservation, and renewable energy technologies. Students visit the Salt River Project's facilities, observe a small-scale water energy generation center, interact with professionals, explore careers in the energy conservation industries, build working models to harness solar energy (in the form of solar ovens to cook food and arrays of photovoltaic cells to power a light bulb).

The second summer internship learners explore concepts relating to the water cycle, hydroelectric power, hydrogen fuel cells, bioremediation and water filtration. Activities allow students to physically experience the water cycle, design and construct model hydropower plants, separate water into hydrogen and oxygen for the purposes of using the hydrogen as a fuel source in a hydrogen fuel cell car, explore bioremediation, and design and construct water filtration systems capable of filtering particulates, oil, and fertilizers from contaminated water samples.


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