Arizona Science Center Youth Docentship
During their two-day summer experience, learners explore the AZ Science Center's many permanent interactive exhibits that include "Forces of Nature", "Get Charged Up", "Solarville" and "My digital World." These exhibits are designed to help in the understanding of the natural world and how things work and why. Students also explore the featured exhibit for 2010, "Goose Bumps! The Science of Fear." This exhibit explores the science behind fear, a universal emotion through fun, student-friendly interactive challenges, and neurobiological and emotional responses.

In addition, learners experience two IMAX 3D adventures. For the summer of 2010, "Under the Sea" and "Jane Goodall's Wild Chimpanzees" are featured. In the new "Under the Sea" IMAX 3D adventure, students explore the beauty and natural wonders of some of the most exotic and isolated undersea locations around the world—Southern Australia, New Guinea and the Indo-Pacific region—and the mysterious creatures who live there. The film is a beautiful glimpse into life under the sea, as well as the impact of global climate change. With the second IMAX movie, led by legendary researcher Dr. Jane Goodall, students journey into the hearts, minds and world of wild chimpanzees. Dr. Goodall's discoveries over forty years of research of the now famous Gombe Park chimpanzees in Africa – including her groundbreaking observations of chimpanzees making and using tools – have not only revolutionized our understanding of the rich culture and complex social dynamics of chimps, but ultimately of our own human behavior.

Students also explore the night sky by experiencing the Dorrance Planetarium located in the AZ Science Center. They experience the "Grand Tour of the Planets" where they voyage through our Solar System, visiting each planet, comparing and contrasting their features.

Besides exploring the many exhibitions at the AZ Science Center, students work in small teams engaging the center's young visitors in hands-on engineering activities. These activities include designing and building a harmless, environmentally safe soda can holder, designing a paper cup so it can zip down a line and drop a marble onto a target, and producing hydrogen fuel through electrolysis for a hydrogen fuel cell car. This activity fosters students' leadership skills and gives them the opportunity to serve as peer mentors.


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