Project participants include k-12 students, specifically middle and high school students, their teachers and family members; schools and school districts; Arizona State University undergraduate and graduate students; and industry partners.

K-12 Students

Seventh and eighth grade students (n=176) from Mesa Public Schools (Carson, Powell, Mesa, and Smith Jr High Schools) took part in year-round after-school programming offered by the program in 2007-2010. A follow-up study is planned with these students for the 2011-12 school year.

Seventh grade students (n=25) from the Mesa Arts Academy, a charter school sponsored by the Boys and Girls Club of Mesa and Mesa Public Schools implemented project curricula in their science class in 2010-11.

Seventh grade students (n=50) from Aprende Middle School in the Kyrene School District have taken part in an Engineering Elective course offered during the Spring 2011 semester.

Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students from Centennial Middle School in the Kyrene School District took part in after-school programming in the ASU Citizen Scientist Engineer @ Kyrene program implemented by ASU science and engineering doctoral students and collaborating Kyrene teachers in Spring 2010 (n=70) and Spring 2011 (n=100) semesters. This program will expand to Pueblo and Akimel a Al middle schools in Kyrene in Fall 2011.

Interns from area high schools have explored robotics as a means to understand human-technology interfaces. An intern from the Paradise Valley School District participated during the 2009-10 school year. Three interns from Saguaro High School in the Scottsdale School District participated during the 2010-11 school year.

K-12 Teachers and Schools/School Districts

Participant teachers from Mesa Public Schools (Carson, Powell, Mesa, and Smith Jr High Schools) who helped facilitate after-school programs took part in professional development related to project curricula.

All teachers (n-40) from Aprende Middle School took part in professional development in Fall 2010 and implemented engineering design activities school wide in 2010-11.

Learning through Engineering Design is now partnering with Isaac School District and Kyrene School District to provide professional development support for middle school educators in 2011-2012.

Arizona State University Students

Undergraduate and graduate students have served as mentors to middle school participants providing cognitive apprenticeship.

Since Fall 2009, doctoral students have received coursework through the Graduate College, co-facilitated by Principal Investigator, Tirupalavanam G. Ganesh to better prepare themselves as public intellectuals who can communicate their interest in- and knowledge of- science and engineering to the general public, k-12 students, teachers, and their families.

Industry participants

Professionals from SRP and Microchip have participated as collaborators by mentoring middle school student participants (2007-2010). SRP professionals offered summer renewable energy internships to middle school students.

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